About our little tribe...

So this is us, we are now a family of five! I'm the Monkeyfooted Mummy and my husband shall be know as Spartacus. We enjoy taking holidays, days out and eating! I personally enjoy all things baby related, which is part of the reason for this website and blog. When we discovered back in 2008 that we were to become parents to our gorgeous daughter ,the original Monkey feet, who will be called peanut as she was for so long. We happily let ourselves be carried along by big superstore staff and generic websites and ended up with a house full of purchases that we didn’t necessarily need want or use. When our amazing boy came along a short 18 months later (he will be known as the golden child, as he is the only boy in the family for a long time) we had the not at all joyous task of finding a Double Pushchair that ticked my very specific boxes, this search took us months and many miles in the car, if only I had known then the wealth of reviews and information that would have helped but I was a working mum who had no interest in reading blogs about how other people 'parented', how things have changed.

The more time has passed the more I have discovered the power of parental opinion, nothing beats a personal recommendation or idea from another parent to find a great product or service that you would never have known about otherwise. Us parents really are a great source of information not to mention a large chunk of national spend!

And so number 3 ('Termite') arrived in August making 3 under 5, and I plan to allow you all in on the adventure of 'Family MonkeyFeet' growing to 5 and I promise not to hold back a single detail in my blog posts.

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Oh and if you are wondering where the 'monkeyfooted' tag came from, here’s the story. In the very early days of learning to cope with breastfeeding, lack of sleep and all the other things that come with newborns, my husband used to laugh at how long our darling peanut's toes were and comment how she would wiggle her toes into him at every opportunity, so he started calling her monkeyfeet, and thus I became the monkeyfooted mummy and my blog covers my 'adventures' in parenting, because to me that is what this is, one great big adventure with my favourite people.